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Permits Available Online
Furnace-ResHVAC C/O-ComSolar GroundNEW/Roof-Res
Furnace-ComHVAC C/O-ResDuct Work Only
Gas Piping-ComReroof-ComWater Heater-Com
Gas Piping-ResReroof-ResWater Heater-Res
Electric Service-ResNEWRetro MH Perm FNDWindow/Door-Res
Standby Gen-ResNEWStuccoNEW/Siding-ResWood/Plt Stove-Res
Private Garage/ShopNEWPower Walls-BatteriesNEWDemolitionNEW
Limited AGNEWFire Suppression-ResNEWAntenna Co-LocateNEW

Projects (Administrative Permits) Available Online
Short Term Rental
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